For several years, many people have loved the idea of facial steaming. In fact, many beauty editors and enthusiasts would write about the importance of steaming and how it improves their beauty. A renowned dermatologist from New York, Dennis Gross, once revealed that steaming helps exfoliate the skin and allows for skin treatment. Furthermore, she explained that it enables skin-improving elements to get deeper into the skin. Consequently, the outcome is always better compared to when the skin is not exposed to facial steaming.

Several skincare enthusiasts have also noted that steaming improves skin-drying through the addition of moisture. More so, it is a great method for opening pores to enable the penetration of skin products. That aside, steaming helps blood to circulate better and relieves sinus congestion. However, despite the many benefits of facial steaming, the application is key. You need to understand how often it must be performed and, more importantly, the resultant effect of daily application. To learn more about these crucial details, endeavor to read this article to the end.

  • Use Facial Steamer Once per Week

According to Gross, the facial steamer should not be applied more than once in seven days. And during the application, it shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes at once – an average of 5 minutes should do the trick. By so doing, it will help generate short-term and long-term outcome. However, applying facial steamer for a more extended period may dry out the skin, then result in inflammations.

Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist from Schweiger Dermatology Group, explained that overheating is the most significant risk of using a facial steamer for a prolonged period. Once the skin is exposed to high heat, the blood vessels will dilate and cause increased inflammation. Also, it can worsen some conditions such as rosacea. So, you are best advised to apply facial steamer once in a week and for a short duration to experience the desired outcome.

  • Risk of Damaging Sensitive Skin

Before you can start using a facial steamer, you need to find out whether it’s ideal for your skin type and body. For people with sensitive skin, the facial steamer should be overlooked. As a matter of fact, extremely hot water, steam rooms, and saunas need to be kept away from sensitive flesh.

More importantly, it’s essential to bear in mind that you are not a specialist. If you can perform facial steaming, it doesn’t imply that you can conduct extractions by yourself. Also, you should refrain from using fingers to pick bumps. Instead, use only Q-tips. Besides, unless you are an expert, getting a good angle to extract bumps from your face can be challenging. If care is not taken, extracting bumps on steamed, softened skins may end up with scars.


Hopefully, you have learned about the significance of using a facial steamer in this article. More importantly, you should keep how-to-use details in mind. Find out if you have an ideal skin for facial steaming and use as appropriate. In your best interest, endeavor to consult the specialist for the right application and pumps extraction. Before long, you’ll start noticing a positive influence on your skin.