The advent of technology has led to many possibilities; among them is the use of surgery to cover up natural aging. But several older women have complained that they become worse after expensive plastic surgery. Before the modern days, we have seen many great grandparents looking sharp and beautiful in the nineties and hundreds. So, what could be the secrets behind their beautiful body through the ages? Several studies have been conducted in this regard, and the following ideas were found to be the reason. Enjoy reading!

  • Water

Drinking water is already the norm in our daily lives. However, not many people are aware that water is a crucial beauty tip, most especially for women. The intake of coffee, pop, and alcohol usually dry out the skin and facilitates the development of wrinkles. So, instead of spending our hard-earned money on not-so-good drinks, drinking enough water to quench your thirst is more rewarding. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, try to drink more water and use moisturizer daily. 

  • Regular Exercise

The significance of regular exercise cannot be overemphasized when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Whether you choose to perform simple or strenuous fitness routine such as walking, benching, trail running, weight-lifting, among others, it does not only strengthen the body muscles but also generates a feel-good factor. More so, regular exercise helps clear off negative thoughts from our mind and improve our psychological state. Hence, you are less likely to experience depression and anxiety.

  • Diet

Another essential beauty tips for maintaining a healthy body across all ages is what you consume daily. If you want to look healthy and beautiful for a long time, then you need to stick with eating a balanced diet. Protein-rich foods, vegetables, and fruits do not only improve your health but also help to avoid weight gain. Also, they give enough energy to remain active across the day. So, you have less chance of eating more than necessary that can lead to body conditions such as obesity. Besides, eating good food encourages healthy skin and hair.

  • Age Acceptance

Many people jeopardize their health and beauty while trying to copy an age group beyond or below their category. For instance, imagine a 50-year old trying to impress the public by wearing tight wears and bleached hair when it is obvious that she lacks the physique to pull it off. Such a move often ends in embarrassment. 

Rather than trying to “act,” you should be real to yourself. Consider wearing a dress that fits your body and expected of your age group. You should wear cloth that make you feel comfortable and doesn’t be shy about your grey hair. Aging is a natural process that should be embraced – not denied. When you accept your age, you will feel young at heart with fewer concerns on your mind. By so doing, you won’t be only physically okay, but emotionally fine to move on in life.


The truth is that staying healthy and looking beautiful through the ages is not only about our physical appearance. It involves our emotional, physical, and psychological state. So, endeavor to drink enough water and eat a balanced diet to maintain an excellent physical body. Accept who you are and perform regular exercise to free your mind from any worry. When all these factors are adhered to, don’t be surprised to see yourself looking all young and beautiful even after ten decades on Earth.