Among the notable skin conditions is eczema, which is characterized by red and itchy rashes. Several forms of eczema exist. However, the most common form is atopic dermatitis. This type of eczema is a form of an allergic reaction. Irrespective of age, anybody can be affected by the condition. While the causes of eczema remain a debatable topic, some specialists suggest that it might be hereditary. Also, no notable cure has been created to treat the skin condition, but it’s avoidable. To learn more about eczema, kindly read this article to the end.   

Eczema: All You Should Know About the Skin Condition

What you should know about eczema

Similar to other allergies, it is possible to trigger eczema through substances in the air. Some chemicals commonly used in the home, such as soap, detergents, cleansers, solvents, among others, can stimulate the health condition. Thus, limiting your exposure to such materials can help prevent the emergence of eczema. For those who are already dealing with it, endeavor to use soaps without any harsh ingredients only.

Hand eczema usually shows a different symptom from those found in other parts of the body. Likewise, what triggers the disease on hand often differs from other forms as well. If you have hand eczema and need to wash with detergent, you should use plastic hand gloves. By so doing, it will block the chemicals in the detergent from stimulating eczema, which may lead to an outbreak. Also, you should put on gloves during the winter. The reason is that cold air is capable of drying your skin, and as a result, triggers the condition.

In some cases, eczema can be so frustrating and itchy. In fact, you can start thinking that a good bath would solve the problem. Indeed, getting a bath may relieve the symptoms. However, washing the skin excessively with water can strip natural oil from the skin. When this happens, it can lead to skin dryness. Also, you should bath under hot water; it dries the skin as well. You are best advised to use a small amount of mild soap. Once you are done with the shower, try to apply moisturizer to conceal the moisture to your skin.

You can keep your skin smooth and soft by using a moisturizer regularly. Keeping your skin moisturized helps prevent skin dryness that can result in an eczema outbreak. However, ensure that the moisturizer doesn’t contain excessive ingredients that may irritate your skin. Look for products with natural ingredients. If you can’t find one, try using petroleum jelly.


Before we conclude, it’s crucial that you consult a medical doctor if the problem persists. You may be asked to get a medication such as a corticosteroid cream to treat the affected areas. Once eczema emerges on your skin, refrain from scratching or rubbing the surface vigorously. Otherwise, it can worsen the condition. Even when you are free of eczema, endeavor to stick to the recommendations given herein. It will help prevent the condition.