Whether male or female, skins and hairs are an essential part of human beauty. While some possess tender and supple skins, others have to contend with tough flesh. Likewise, some people don’t even have to spend much to keep their hair all nice and soft, whereas, for other people, they need expensive products for their hair care. Irrespective of the category that you belong to, you can always have clearer skin and appealing hair without having to break the bank. Simply read this article to the end to learn about the tricks and tips of maintaining skin and hair at a no cost.

  • Frizzy Hairs

If you have small, tight hair curls that need proper hair care to stay neat and curly, you don’t really need any expensive products to achieve your aim. Get slices of lemon, then simmer them in two cups of water. Wait until the water reduces to half of the initial quantity. Now, pour the liquid into a spray bottle, then spurt it onto your hair. Aside from the natural sheen that it will give your hairs, they will become softer.

  • Natural Hair Color

Brown hairs are appealing in their own right. However, if you would like to color it but don’t have much time, there is a simple solution. Get some sprigs of rosemary and put them in two cups of water. Now, add black tea (two tablespoons) and wait until it reduces to about 50% of the initial quantity. Afterward, pour the mixture into ¼ cup of shampoo. So, anytime you wish to shampoo your hair, you should use the mixture. Once you use the shampoo on your hair, leave it for 15 minutes. Before long, you will notice the changes.

  • Smooth Back

Understandably, getting down to get your back scrubbed can be time-consuming. However, in some cases, you might need to have a smooth back as you plan to wear a low black blouse or choli to the next event. In such a case, you can make a homemade solution for yourself. Combine a ½ cup of olive oil and sea salt (one cup), then add sandalwood oil (5 drops). Now, mix them and keep the mixture in a jar. Whenever you wish to use it, scrub your back with the mixture, then wipe it off using a wet towel – it works like magic.

  • Improve Tired Eyes

Considering the hustle and bustle daily, we tend to get tired now more than ever. Our level of tiredness even increases during the festive period when you have to go shopping after a stressful day at work. So, it’s understandable if you carry around tired eyes and face during this period – but not necessarily. You can improve your eye skin state by combining iced spring water and rose water (few drops). Afterward, add two to three drops of honey. Now, immerse one of the two eyes into it – if possible, you should open your eye slightly, then close it. Pour the liquid away, then prepare another one for the other eye. When you are done, get cold mineral water and spurt into your eyes. Don’t be surprised to see slight redness for a short period. Afterward, your eyes will be refreshed within minutes.

  • Instant Hair Care

If you don’t have enough time to sit down, shampoo and start blowing your hair dry despite being oily, there is an alternative option. Take your hairbrush, then spray talcum and amla powder onto it. Turn over your hair, then brush from the nape to the tip. Once you are done, return the hairs to the normal position. At this point, you will notice a bouncy oil free hair looking all eye-catching.


Obviously, these beauty tips and tricks are simple and affordable. More importantly, they will come handy during your rush hour. So, try to practice them; it doesn’t take more a few minutes to learn.