High market competition has made several beauty brands to design different products, as well as use advertisement gimmicks to drive clients to their company. So, as a potential buyer, you can quickly get confused when you see the number of available products and what they claim to offer. While you can truly find genuine products among the countless brands, many products are fake. However, with the creative ads and engaging words, you can easily fall victim by purchasing the counterfeit beauty skincare products.

Because of such conditions, many beauty specialists often recommend natural homemade beauty solutions that give the best outcomes. With a few bucks and small effort, you can easily create these solutions at your place of comfort. More importantly, these natural products work better. It is worth noting that the result may not last for a long period. But that’s probably not a problem as long as you have time to produce another set for yourself. Now, below are some beauty solutions worth considering for improved skincare:

  • Dry Skin

For those who naturally have dry skin or perhaps, you don’t like how your skin looks during the humid weather, here is a solution for you. All you need is to moisture your skin to keep it supple and soft. Get two tablespoons of milk into a small container, then add honey to it. Now, use a cotton ball to touch the mixture and apply it on your skin, most notably your face. Alternatively, you can use Malai (full cream) if you can’t get milk. Endeavour to use it at night and let it stay for half an hour. Afterward, get cold water to rinse your face.

  • Oily Skin

This skin type can be problematic because it supports the development of acne and stubborn pimples. As the skin releases excess amounts of sebum, the oily secretion will get stuck in the pores, then result in acne. Even after you have cleared the excess oil, you still need to moisture it as well. Otherwise, it will continue to produce excess oil when the skin becomes too dry again. So, the bottom line is that your skin should be clean and clear. Here is a solution: Get an oatmeal mask and add honey to it. Rub the mask gently on your skin, then leave it for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse it off using cold water. By now, the skin will refresh.

  • Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackhead is a kind of pimple that forms when the dirt on the skin fills the pores. These pimples are quite stubborn. However, you don’t have to worry about them. Simply prepare egg white, honey, and lemon. Now, apply the mixture on your face and let it stay for about 20 to 30 minutes. If the blackheads develop on your nose, use a mix of baking powder (one tablespoon) and lemon. Rub the solution on your nose and leave it for half an hour. Although you will feel some slight sensation, the homemade solution will help clear the blackheads.

  • Instant Skin Glow

If you would like to maintain glowing skin, you don’t need to start looking for a high-budget cream. All you need is honey and lemon. Get some honey into a container, then add some drops of lemon. Mix it, then apply it on your skin. After 30 minutes, wash the medley off with cold water.

  • Dark Circles

Daily, we are exposed to stress and work pressure. Also, we have to contend with radiation from gadgets, while sometimes, we fail to get a good sleep. All these conditions can facilitate the growth of resilient dark circles below the eyes. Dark circles can be removed by applying almond oil under the eye region. Ensure that you go clockwise and anti-clockwise while applying the oil using a cotton ball. Feel free to leave the oil till the next day, then use cold water to wash it off in the morning.


And there you have five proven natural skin solutions to maintain great beauty. With these options, you don’t need to spend outrageously to keep a glowing skin. All you need is to apply consistently until you get the desired result.