Many people believe that the only methods of curling hair are the use of curling irons and hair wand. You will find it interesting to know that we have more. In this article, we’ll be discussing some crucial steps of developing hair curls without using curling irons, as revealed by the professional hairstylists. Kindly read to the end!

  • Hair cut

It is possible to curl the hairs without using heat, according to the vice director of education and TIGI creative director, Thomas Osborn. He revealed that the most crucial step towards curling the hairs is through a haircut. However, hair qualities such as hair type, length, face shape, texture, density, as well as lifestyle determine the best cut that you can have for wavy hair. Osborn further explained that when you layer the hairs, it helps release the weight, and consequently, develop movement. Also, when you point-cut the layers, it will spur motions by releasing the weights from the end and enabling the curls to develop quickly.

  • Hair Drying

After getting the ideal cut, how you dry your hairs also plays a crucial role in getting curled hairs. First off, you should towel-dry the hair properly to reduce any excess moisture in the hair. Afterward, combining haircare products that suit a specific hair texture and for your desired wave is also crucial. Furthermore, you need to use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the products evenly and consistently. It is vital to use the hands to dry the hair loosely as well as to generate a relaxed vibe. Endeavour to control the texture by using a round brush to smoothen the hair, before tonging it. You can get a more refined hair appearance by brushing the hair lightly.

  • Sea Salt Spray

Once you have dried your hair properly, the next important step is picking a befitting product. Many celebrity stylists such as Kenna Kennor, Kim Vo, among others, use sea salt spray to improve the hair texture. According to Vo, it is advisable to scrunch up the hair immediately you finish spraying it. An alternative method is to braid the hair before going to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning, you would be looking at a nicely wavy hair. Also, you can make the hair into mini buns, then hold it with bobby pins. Simply divide the hair into sections (one-inch in size), the twist or coil by alternating the directions. After getting dried hair, use your fingertips to break up the waves. Now, spray with sea salt for the last time.


Now that you have learned a new method to curl your hair without curling iron, you should try it in your leisure time to perfect the art. This method is even more advisable for those who need to reduce exposing their hair to heat. Finally, endeavour to follow the steps as explained to get the desired result.