Perhaps, due to the ease of styling or, because it brings out an individual’s beauty, many people often stick to a single hairstyle for a long period. Indeed, a specific hairstyle can genuinely give a standout beauty to a particular group of people. However, over time, you can get bored and feel like trying something different. Some people often resort to having a nice haircut to regain their youthful appearance – it’s also a great way to refresh the head and the hairs. Regardless of your reasons, getting a good hairstyle can improve your beauty and mood. If you ever want to try something different that will make you look younger than ever, check out the following styles:

  • Braids

Although young ladies tend to do braids more than the older women, recently, many mature women are pulling off some exhilarating braid hairstyles. Whenever you revisit your hairstylist, you can try braiding your hair across your head’s crown. Alternatively, you can check out the side-swept braid having messy ends – it gives a youthful exuberance to the style.

  • Bob

Whether you choose to have a long bob or a stick-straight bob, any of the two will do the trick. While at the saloon, ask your hairstylist to make you look youthful by enhancing your appearance with cheekbones and highlights along your jawlines like that of Eve Ensler. Also, you can perform the long bob with a lob.

  • Soft Bangs

Getting a younger look doesn’t get any better with soft bangs hairstyle. You should try out soft, wispy bangs similar to that of Duchess of Cambridge. To get a more dimensional appearance, pack them to the side of your head. And if you want, you can get even youthful with baby bangs. Fortunately, you can quickly regrow your hair if you feel that baby bangs are not for you.

  • Wavy Bobs

As we mentioned earlier, bobs are always a welcome idea to regain a youthful look – and wavy bobs are no exception. Similar to the usual style of Julianne Hough, you can try out the wavy bob with soft layers that add dimensions to your hair. As for the relaxed waves, they will make the style look more bohemian on your head.

  • Low Curl

Honestly, older women with super straight hair might look absurd, whereas it gives a pleasant appearance to the young ones. However, if you can add slight softness with a few curls to the half portion of the hair by the base, you will have a fascinating hairstyle to show off. Excitingly, it comes handy for long and short hairs.

  • Face-Framing Highlights

Just as Sarah Jessica would do, you can add light to your face by adding some lightly-colored highlights to your hair. You can’t go wrong with highlights on your face frame.

  • Messy Shags

Despite being in your fifties or sixties, get a lady-like appearance with some rough texture on your hair through the messy shag style. Don’t be surprised to appear all sexy with flick ends that make hair beautiful.


By now, you should have learned a few hairstyles to rock the next event or gathering. Despite your old age, nothing is stopping you from looking all radiant and glowing with beautiful hairstyles. Endeavour to try out any of the listed hairstyles herein and enjoy the compliments that come with it.