Currently, makeup has become an essential beauty product for females. While some people only have a few makeups, others boast a wide array of makeups in their kit. Whichever category that you belong to, without a proper act of keeping, picking different makeup tools during a rush hour can be frustrating. Besides, not many people would want to have a clustered makeup kit – it never looks appealing. So, to keep the things in order within your makeup tips, below are five important steps that you should take. 

Step 1. Prioritize your Daily Wear

While keeping your makeup, you should find an ample space that can contain all your cosmetics. By so doing, you can have everything in one place. Importantly, you should check the makeup meticulously and pick out those that you often wear daily. Once you find them, endeavor to put them at a separate spot that you can access easily. It is best to arrange your makeups according to their usage frequency to avoid a messy space.

Step 2. Makeup Storage Piles

Storage pile is a handy option to keep your makeup in order. You can create a pile for the cosmetics that you wear daily. Such a pile should feature the basic color that complements the majority of your attires. Advisably, you should choose simple colors. Also, a makeup pile for your skincare only is a welcome idea. For such a pile, you can put in your moisturizer, makeup removers, acne treatments, and sunscreens. In the same pile, you can keep your Q-tips and cotton balls. 

Also, for the sake of accessibility, you should create a storage pile containing makeups for special occasions. Special makeups that you have bought for special dresses should be included in your special makeup storage pile. In a pile, you can keep false eyelashes, dramatic colors, shimmer powder, among others. Another pile that you can create is the seasonal makeup, which may include different foundations, powder shades, and many more.

Step 3. Remove old and broken makeups

If you ever come across old or broken makeups tools while checking your makeup storage, endeavor to remove them. Aside from taking up space unnecessarily, old makeup can collect bacteria with the flakes. So, you should check out the old makeups that you need to dispose of. After three months of use, you should get rid of liquid eyeliners and mascara. You should not use eye creams, eye bases, eye shadows, and eye foundations for more than six months. For makeups that come with expiry dates, you should check them out and dispose of as at when due.

Step 4. Purchase Makeup Storage Kits

You get to arrange your makeup properly when you use makeup storage bags or kits. Considering that makeup storage bags vary in design, you should check out those that can contain your makeup at once. Some designs come with an interior wall that you can clean and zip up to avoid spillage. Also, you will find a quilted or padded exterior for extra protection.

Alternatively, you can consider using small tackle boxes. They are larger, cheaper, and useful for organizing various makeups. If you have several special makeups, then consider getting a tackle box. As for people who rarely travel around with their makeup set, you can get a drawer or basket for your daily makeup.

Step 5. Easy Accessibility

After exercising the other steps discussed earlier, the next thing is to organize your makeups properly. By so doing, you will have enough space in your makeup kit. You will be less stressed while searching for suitable makeups. Also, getting your face all set will take less time compared to before. At this point, you will know the space to visit for your regular makeups and the kit containing your special products. 


If you can practice the recommendations discussed above, you won’t have a problem setting up your makeup kits. More importantly, you will have a well-arranged set of makeup that doesn’t take time to pick for use. So, endeavor to implement the tips.