Right from a young age, young girls often try out several beauty products. Honestly, putting on makeup is quite exciting. You can easily change your natural appearance to a smoky eye, bold lip, or any other captivating look. But despite the effort put into looking nice, there are some looks that men never find appealing. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what any man finds attractive. After all, it’s your face, and you can put on whatever you like. However, knowing what turns off men won’t hurt. Besides, for the women who care about what the husbands think about their beauty, you should read this article to the end.

  • Bright Lipstick
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Although most men appreciate women in appealing lipstick, men prefer it to be subtle. A super bright lipstick makes men feel like they are going to ruin their lady’s makeup. So, they often become afraid of suggesting a kiss, even when you feel it’s about time. Thus, if you are going to spend several hours with your spouse, you might want to keep the lipstick less apparent – men appreciate it better.

  • Nude lipstick

Among the most popular lip hues is nude. Most women believe that a nude color make the lips look natural. Yet, it allows the lip to stand out. But it seems like men don’t get the point of using a lip product that blends with your face. So, even though nude lipstick is indeed a great choice to look quite natural, understanding the concept seems to be tricky for the men. Indeed, if you use a nude lipstick and it matches your skin pretty well, most men might never know that you are putting on lipstick. Thus, they are often caught unaware while getting a good kiss.

  • Red lipstick

While many women think that using heavy, red lipsticks help get men’s attention quickly. However, a study conducted on an online dating site revealed that men are usually particular about what a woman is putting on their face as makeup. Although the study revealed that men are likely to meet a lady putting on lipstick in her picture, the majority of the men find red lipstick as unattractive. For whatsoever reason, many men consider red lipstick as excessive, most notably when they meet a female in person.

  • Eyeliner

Here is another common accessory in a female’s makeup kit that turns men off. With an eyeliner, you can create various facial appearances such as dramatic cat eye, Smokey eye, and many more. But men tend to find eyeliner as a deceiving makeup accessory. According to research conducted by dating site Zoosk, men revealed that eyeliner gives a different look to females. Eventually, when they meet in person, they often feel tricked. So, many men prefer women that are not putting on any makeup at all.

  • Eyebrows

A common statement from men is that “a natural look is more preferred” even when the face needs a little touch of makeup. But guys tend to get confused and annoyed easily by painted eyebrow. The reason is due to the fear that they might rub off the paint. So, whenever they come across a lady with a heavily painted eyebrow, it’s like pressing an off button.


And there you have five different makeup that men find quite annoying. Remember that it is your face and makeup. So, endeavor to put on anything that makes you beautiful and feel comfortable.