For most people, the source of income is one of the necessary conditions for self-accomplishment. Our consciousness as a member of society is linked to our occupation, which makes us feel full-fledged and vital. However, the truth is that we need to maintain a balance between our work and home. Otherwise, our relationship with close relatives and society at large will be in jeopardy. Among some of the things we can do to have more time with our families and friends is getting to leave work at the right time. But many of us struggle to finish our duties on time. In this regard, we’ll be discussing five effective methods on how to leave work at the right time. Kindly read to the end.

  • Plan Ahead

Despite working assiduously, sometimes, it doesn’t reflect in our performance or results. Among the reasons for such an outcome is improper time management. Without effective planning, we tend to lay hands on so many things at a time. As a result, we may never get to execute a specific task properly before we move to another. In the end, it will result in chaotic actions and emotional tensions.

When you plan how you would like to spend your day, it gives clarity and helps your work strategies. You will know when to execute a specific task, and when to stop – your actions will become more meaningful. At the end of the day, you will not only be satisfied with how you have achieved your daily goals but also getting to leave work on time.

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities

In a work setting, always give others a chance to show what they can do. Refrain from having a mindset of “nobody can do better than me.” Don’t try to control everything and start worrying about every task. Instead, you should give your colleagues a chance to work by delegating responsibilities and duties to them, most especially if you are the leader. By so doing, you will have more time for yourself while at the same time, gives professional freedom to others. Such liberty helps improve productivity.

  • Set your priorities

You should learn and practice how to determine the most important thing at a given moment. It is essential to consider what should be given a high priority at the moment. Sometimes, it can even be spending more time at home with your family before leaving for work. In this way, you won’t be bothered and start thinking about your family while at work. Doing so reduces performance. If you feel that spending more time with your family or resolving an issue at home will help get your head straight at work, then do it. When you have unnecessary thoughts on your mind at work, it will reduce your performance and productivity. Later, you may find it hard to leave work at the right time during the day. Understandably, maintaining a balance between work and family can be complicated. However, sorting out your priorities will go a long way to help your decision-making.

  • Switch off gadgets at closing time

Due to the current level of technology, we tend to spend more time using our work devices, most especially if it’s a laptop or smartphone. Even when it is the end of working hours, getting a new message or notification often forces many to sit back and check out what’s new. Before you know it, you are already spending more hours in your office while others have left work for the day. Adopting a principle of closing work gadgets and heading home at the right time will save you from staying longer than expected at the office. Also, co-workers will understand that sending you office work after working hours is not a welcome idea for you.

  • Self-assessment

Are you truly busy? Spending more time at work to prove something to others or to fill a gap is not a healthy lifestyle. Endeavour to ask yourself if you are indeed busy or simply trying to while away time. Rather than trying to hide from others by working beyond the office hours, it’s best to leave work at the right time and relax in your comfort zone. The more you spend time at work, the more you will get used to it. In the end, you will get so accustomed to it that you will find it hard to change. Consequently, endeavour to leave work at the right time and get rid of your “busy” mindset. Use your free time to relax and enjoy your hobbies.


Endeavour to practice the effective methods of leaving work, as discussed herein. Before long, you will realize that you have more time to spend with your relatives and, at the same time, performs better at work. Good luck!