If you are not familiar with the importance of diet, it’s possible to find these recommendations a bit strange. However, if you can read to the end, then apply them, it will help your skincare in the long run. For instance, sun damage causes the most visible signs of aging. But essential nutrient, called antioxidant, is known to protect the skin against the damage. So, if you can consume foods containing more antioxidants, it will help develop a skin resistant to sun damages overtime. This case is just one of many benefits of nutrition regarding our skincare. If you would like to learn more skincare tips relating to what you eat, try to read this article to the end!

  • Consume more fruits and vegetables
 fruits and vegetables

First off, according to some scientific studies, certain nutrients influence the health and appearance of the skin. In fact, a couple of nutrients are necessary. For instance, before the body can develop new skin cells and durable collagen fibers, you need to consume some specific amino acids and vitamin C. Also, in the past, an insufficient amount of vitamin A and E were found to influence the emergence of acne.

Although the best diets for our health remain as a debate, most nutritionists agree that the intake of more fruits and vegetables is quite beneficial. On the contrary, when you consume an excessive amount of simple carbohydrates, it can have adverse effects on health. More so, fruits and vegetables provide safe antioxidants, such as vitamin A, E, among others.

  • Choose plant extracts over synthesized drugs

A laboratory-synthesized drug version of Vitamin A is known to treat acne. Depending on what the consumer feels comfortable, it can be consumed orally or applied topically. However, it poses the risk of adverse reactions such as birth defects, most notably when consumed orally. Also, there is a commonly prescribed wrinkle cream in the United States that feature properties of synthesized Vitamin A. However, it also causes itching, irritation, and redness.

Consequently, researchers have compared the effects of natural carotenoids in plant extracts to the synthesized vitamin A. The result showed that the plant extracts work as much as the synthesized drug, yet without posing any health risks. Likewise, vitamin E cream is advisable for reducing age spots and wrinkles. Sadly, most vitamin E in the market are synthesized molecules from petrochemicals. And in case you don’t know, petrochemicals tend to have ill effects on humans. So, you should consider getting plant extracts containing carotenoids and vitamin E to reduce aging spots and wrinkles – and not synthesized products from petrochemical.

  • Check out creams with nano-emulsion of COQ10

Almost every cell in the human body contains coenzyme Q10. However, as we grow older, the amount will start decreasing. In most supplement stores, COQ10 is usually recommended for heart health. This element is one of the crucial ingredients in creams that help manage wrinkles and sun damages. So, if you ever come across skincare creams containing COQ10 and natural vitamin E, try to get one or two.


Most creams and lotions for skincare comes with health risk as they contain allergens and irritants. In some cases, the adverse reaction may lead to inflammation that can damage the skin collagen fibers. Therefore, you need to check what skincare products you will use. Advisably, you should use creams that work for every complexion. They are usually allergen-free and safe to use. If you can combine such a cream with the nutrition tips discussed in this piece, you will surely see the impact in due time.