From time to time, we create thoughts about different things. Thoughts are part of a daily lifestyle that we cannot do without. Sometimes, thoughts can be constructive, and other times, it can be intrusive. In this piece, we’ll be discussing the intrusive thoughts, and most importantly, how we can curb it.

Intrusive thoughts are unexpected thinking that rushes into our minds and takes our attention from what was initially on our mind. As a result, it feeds on our focus and, sometimes, can become an obsession. If care is not taken, intrusive thoughts can make you lose focus on the most important thing at the moment. 

Sadly, intrusive thoughts do not usually get to be about appealing or exciting things. Instead, they are usually unwanted reasonings; it can even be about a deep pain that you once experienced. So, rather than allowing these unexpected thoughts to consume us, below are three crucial steps you can take to curb them. Enjoy reading!

  • Recognize it

A problem identified is already half-solved. So, the first thing is to realize that you have an intrusive thought. An important tool to recognize intrusive thoughts is mindfulness. With this tool, you can have an extra moment to clarify your thoughts and decide whether you are experiencing an intrusive thought or not. While experiencing an intrusive, you can always stop and think about the thoughts itself. From there, the next step would be to accept it.

  • Accept it

After learning the art of recognizing intrusive thoughts, you would probably start trying to get rid of them. However, suppressing or neglecting intrusive thoughts is not always the best way out. It usually gets worse as a result. Instead, you should accept them. Experiencing intrusive thoughts is normal, so don’t bother to fight it. Accept that they are intrusive thoughts running through your mind and ponder over it for a second.

  • Allow it to pass

Now that you have categorized the thought as intrusive and accepted it. The next action is to free it. Here is the most crucial aspect. Let’s assume that you start having negative thoughts all of a sudden about your girlfriend. At this point, you will likely begin to have many assumptions and begin to feel bad. Before long, it will start consuming your happiness. In the long run, your healthy relationship will be affected.

However, rather than getting all worked up, you need to act like a pop-up adblocker. Whenever the intrusive thought comes to mind, recognize it, and accept it. Then, allow it to pass. Start thinking about something different. If possible, try to get yourself occupied; you can try one of your hobbies. In due time, you would have started thinking about something different entirely.


If you can master the three steps above, curbing intrusive thoughts will become easy. However, one more important thing is always to live your life. Although intrusive thoughts are part of life, you stand a better chance of avoiding them when you concentrate on your existence. Also, don’t ever allow intrusive thoughts to change your behaviour. Otherwise, you will be giving it a chance to win. Instead, focus on your life and enjoy it.