Choosing a hairstyle is quite easy, most especially for those that are happy to stick to a single style. However, at one point in time, we all want to try something special and different. If you ever come to this point, then it’s high time to know the type of face that you have and the kind of hairstyle to avoid. Otherwise, you can end up blaming yourself for ever trying to disregard your ever-loyal hairstyle. 

The truth is that it is okay to change your style; after all, sometimes, until we leave our comfort zone, we can never know how amazing we could become. So, rather than shying away from something new, you are best advised to identify the trendy styles and the classic ones that you need to keep away from. To help your decision-making, we’ll be discussing three hairstyles that you should refrain from making in the current year. Enjoy reading!

  • Outdated Structured Bob

Undoubtedly, bobs are appealing hairstyles that can fetch you a lot of praise and compliments from your loved ones. However, bobs hairstyle exists in different forms; notable among them is the classic structured bob. This bob variety was a popular style a decade ago. But since then, it has become obsolete as the likes of long bobs and soft bobs have come to the limelight. 

According to David Lopez, a celebrity hairstylist, shorter lengths with softer edges and more movements will remain trendy; however, bob haircut may become softer and slightly more grown out in this year. 

  • Keep off Traditional Mullets

It is true that the customary mullets might be making its back to the market, but it’s far from it. Aside from being age-long practice, it is one of the most challenging hairstyles to produce. Mullet was even referred to as an anti-fashion hairstyle by the famous hairstylist, Harry Josh. He further explained that mullet styles showcase the owner as someone who doesn’t care about how she looks. Indeed, keeping a traditional mullets hairstyle takes a certain level of courage. Understandably, the choice is subjective; so, it is alright to show off in an unconventional way with the mullet. But if you ever wish to do it, you can make things better by choosing long-side bangs rather than the subtle shag.

  • Never Settle for Side-Swept Bangs

Back in 2010, celebrities like Ashlee and Taylor Swifts rocked side-swept bangs in big ways. However, currently, the hairstyle and the look it offers are truly out of it. Even those who used to rock it back in those days have moved on from it. We know that some people are bang enthusiasts who can find it hard to leave bangs hairdo. If you belong to this category, a more advisable option would be to choose the curtain bangs – rather than the old-fashion side-swept bangs.

Aside from the befitting look, you can quickly wear the curtain bangs. Also, it demands low maintenance and befits most faces. That’s not all. If you would like to add shape to your hairdo, the curtain fringe will come handy as long as you are committing to a full fringe.


Among the most important factors that showcase the beauty of many females, whether young or old, is hairstyle. So, it is essential to think carefully about what you would like to have on your head. Check out some of the current styles and those that fit people who have a similar face to yours. By so doing, you will be able to find a suitable alternative to one or two hairstyles that you are already used to.